Often at times we just want a quick fix. A dose of a catchy melody or to be transported musically to a different space. But other times we want to sit and give our full attention, and make listening our focus. Older music was written for a time where people had more time to spend generally. Without the busy distraction of social media and the like.

Now, I know it's hard to do, but looking back 30 - 40 years in music can be really rewarding. After all, it's those early artists who have shaped the music and culture of today. Recently, I’ve been looking back at some of the artists that my parents educated me with. Mainly blues, rock and a touch of soul. Somehow folk music was blacklisted from the vinyl shelves!

Anyone who’s visited us in the store will know that we have a soft spot for old soul and disco. Its songs from The Whispers, Earth Wind & Fire, Destination, Shamalar etc that just set the mood to have a good time!

I could go in depth about my top 5 old school artists but I think just a friendly nudge is all you need. I urge you to think about the first records you heard. Was it Joni Michell? Was it Led Zep? Maybe it could have even been David Ackles, American Gothic? Go and listen, maybe even try avoiding modern tunes for a week, see how you get on. You’re welcome :)