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Lenny Kravitz in red. A song about Jesus Christ. One huge ass chandelier. These are just a few facts regarding the smash hit, 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' from Lenny's 1993 studio album of the same name. At the time, there was nothing like the sound of this song pumping out on radios. Lenny himself has since said he cannot believe the success of the single that was thought up in a studio jam sesh in five minutes with lyrics written on a brown paper bag. But what we are here to discuss is the brilliant music video to accompany this kingly tune. The set up sees Lenny dressed in a tailored red suit and flanked by his kick ass band inside a three tiered dome. Party-goers, dressed in their '90s finest, take up positions around the tiers and dance to their hearts content. Above all of them is one of the most impressive lighting set-ups in any music video. Justin Timberlake's, Rock With You video also comes to mind, but that's because it was created by the same lighting genius, Michael Keeling. Director Mark Romanek got in touch with Michael and asked for the creation of a chandelier that could span the width of the dome and perform adjustable lighting effects. After listening to the track, Michael had a plan and his team set to work creating a lighting system full of 983 bulbs. A last minute technical glitch had the team sweating, but they delivered and we are so glad they did! It is a masterpiece!

A brilliant track alongside an epic video. We only wish we could have been one of those dancing bodies, rocking out! We hope you enjoy this video!