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This week's rewind! entry highlights one of the best videos of the '90s (in our opinion - our list is pretty long). Dubbed the 'Pop Princess', Kylie Minogue has spent the majority of her life growing up in front of the world. From Charlene living on Ramsay street, to becoming a pop sensation almost overnight, Kylie has transformed herself multiple times over her 40+ year career history. We first got to know her as the typical 'girl next door' with a wholesome outlook on life. Her pop career started in much the same way with a 20 year old Kylie singing cute bops such as 'Locomotion' and 'I Should Be So Lucky'. Yet, fast forward just a few years to 1994, we see a Kylie that has completely shed her ‘good girl’ vibes. No longer the girl next door playing with bubblegum pop, no longer the rebellious and carefree early 20s girl (Better The Devil You Know era) - this now 26 year old woman was exploring and presenting her seductive, sensual side. This new phase of Kylie was poured into her self-titled album which garnered her much critical success. The title track, Confide In Me, was released in August, 1994, one month prior to the album release and it got everyone very excited for what was to come. Predominantly a pop song, Confide In Me fused dance, trip-hop and Middle Eastern instrumentals - an addition that got many individual reviewers talking and praising this new sound for Minogue. To accompany the song, Kylie shot a video in Los Angeles with director, Paul Boyd. The clip showcases Kylie as six different versions of herself that represent the societal ideals of the 90s. Issues such as war, drugs, inequality, sex and more appear to be represented by the backgrounds Kylie stands in front of. Other reviewers have noted these characters present female stereotypes - cute, femme fatal, strong willed etc. Kylie herself dresses and acts according to which background she is standing in front of. The seductive way in which she delivers the lyrics is contrary to the meaning of the words themselves which imbue empowerment. Throughout the video, the six Kylie's invite the viewers to call her via a fake phone number, encouraging them to confide their secrets to her before walking off their sets. The style is similar to an infomercial feel complete with info pop-ups on the screen in English as well as Spanish, German, French and more. The video helped propel this song to the top of the Australian charts and place high in the UK and Europe. Confide In Me was also Kylie's only charting single in the US during the 1990s, appearing on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart at slot 39. Kylie has grown and changed even more since the 1990s. A true artist, the Pop Princess definitely deserves her title after decades of being a top innovator in pop music. We hope you enjoy this video! Let us know your thoughts on IG.