Welcome back to rewind! our fave bit of the week where we share music videos that deserve a watch.

This music video was (and perhaps still is?) MTV's MOST watched video of all time. What a cracking crown to wear. Taking a week to make and being entirely groundbreaking at the time, Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer is one of our absolute fave videos to pass time to.

The video is a stop-motion masterpiece - something quite fancy and extraordinary for a music video at its time of release. Peter takes centre stage as brilliant clay animation, props and imagery make fantastical scenes that match the song lyrics. Honestly, no effect is spared in making this and the result is so wonderful. You must also keep in mind that this was the mid-80s! Also to note, animator, Nick Park, who worked on the piece went on to make everyone's favourite cheese loving man and dog, Wallace & Gromit.

As soon as it was released, it broke the charts and slayed award shows. A self confessed 'eccentric Englishman' Mr Gabriel really impresses that it was the music video that made the song such a hit. But we have to say, the tune itself is a banger, too!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!