Welcome back to rewind! where we share our fave music videos to while away the time to.

This week, we take a look at one of the true innovators in the last three decades. She has paved her way by being 100% authentic. Missy Elliot doesn’t need an intro now, but her intro back when it was her turn to step in front of the camera was a solid hit. The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) was her debut single in 1997 and the reviews were mixed at first, but not for the music video. The first glimpse we see of Elliot is in a blown up patent suit through a fish-eye lens, imbedding her bold image right from the get go. As the lazy, bass-fat track plays out, Missy changes scenes from an industrial type set-up, to a car, to the beach, to a hill - all matching her rhymes. On top of the flashy fits and impressive cameos (Lil’ Kim, Puffy, Timberland etc) director, Hype Williams adds in layers of special effects - bulging out lips here and eyes there. This video and, more importantly, Missy’s entry into the industry as a solo artist would change the music video landscape forever. Her want to show her creativity and innovation in everything she does as well as showcasing the best dance talent is what we love about her!

From day one, we saw Missy’s character - her power, her intelligence, her creativity and her ability to be light years ahead of the pack. We love you Missy!!