Buff bods, martial arts prowess and a whole tonne of badass is how we are kicking off this weekend! Settle back and enjoy the action packed Road House.

"The dancing's over. Now it gets dirty.” - Silver Pictures


Dalton (Patrick Swayze) is the best of the best. A hardened and disciplined bar bouncer, he has made a reputation for being fearless and ruthless. After being summoned by the bar owner of Double Deuce, a down and out club in a small town in Missouri, Dalton packs up his things and moves to assist in turning the place around. Little does he know, he has walked into a town that absolutely don’t want him there. As Dalton starts to make changes, he catches the attention of local entrepreneur, Brad Wesley, who embarks on a mission to rid the town of Dalton before he catches on to his elaborate crime ring. But Dalton, forever fighting for the little guy, gets too involved and also finds love with Doc (Kelly Lynch), which makes it even harder for him to leave. Will Dalton win? Will Brad bring him down? You definitely need to tune in for the nail biting end. Oh and for a lovely shot of Swayze’s bum :-D

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