If you found a HUGE bag full of money, what would you do? Deep down in your guts. Keep it? Turn it in? This is the dilemma facing two brothers and a friend in this week's weekend watch. Tune in with us to watch A Simple Plan.

Sometimes good people do evil things.


While out on a walk in a nature reserve, Hank (Bill Paxton), his socially awkward older brother Jacob (Billy Bob Thornton) and friend Lou (Brent Briscoe) come across a plane wreck covered in snow. Hank decides to take a look around and all three are blown away by what they stumble across - $4 billion dollars. Hank is a good man and immediately says the money must be turned in. Lou, however, says this is the 'American Dream' and that they ought not to walk away from it. The three hatch a plan to keep the money and sit on it until the plane is found independently. Presumably once found, the dust settles and no one knows about the money. However the three soon start drifting apart from their original plan. Jacob can't be trusted to be quiet and Lou, who is in financial debt, keeps asking for his cut raising Hank and his wife Sarah's (Bridget Fonda) anxiety levels and pushing them to come up with ways to keep things for getting out of hand. A simple plan soon turns even more difficult when the FBI show up in town looking for a plane....

This movie won critical acclaim after debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival. Reviewers gabbed about the excellent performers, brilliant storytelling and excellent direction from Sam Raimi. This movie is a must watch!