The ultimate body-swap movie classic takes over the screen for this week’s Weekend Watch, whilst we revisit the movie that became one of Tom Hank’s most iconic roles. Big!

"Refreshingly sweet and undeniably funny” - Rotten Tomatoes


Playing the role of 12-year old, Josh,Tom Hank’s offers a heartwarming performance of a teenage boy stuck in an adults body. The movie starts off with Josh making a gamble on a wish at an amusement park. The next morning, after snoozing out of bed for school, Josh quickly finds that he’s grown overnight and is locked in his future 32-year-old body. Unrecognizable by his mother, Josh is forced away from home to live alone, find a job and to ultimately grow up almost overnight. With the support of his bed buddy, Billy (Jared Rushton), Josh finds himself in the city grappling with the feeling that he might have made a huge mistake.

The utter warmth of this movie is felt when Josh’s vibrant and child-like personality warms the heart of fellow grown-ups in the adult world, as his boss MacMillan (Robert Loggia) employs Josh for a "toy development" role at a big company in New York city! Whilst some of his colleagues looked on and felt bitter about the new guy getting all the action, love interest Susan (Elizabeth Perkins) takes a liking to Josh which forces him to experience real romance for the first time. But it’s not all fun and games for long. The pressures of being an adult quickly play on Josh’s mind, and he starts to wonder if he’ll ever be a kid again.

This week’s Weekend Watch is to remind us to take it easy and to not sweat the small stuff! Leave the work in the office this Friday and get on to feel like a big kid again. We can only imagine what it would be like to repossess the spirit and fearlessness from childhood whilst earning the big bucks playing video games all day long! If you need a little help, be sure to get watching this movie over the weekend to come.

**Big can be rented on Google Play for £3.49!