Well, we made it to Easter! A time for lots of eating, lots of laughs and lots of… eating. Because it seems like the pace of life has particularly slowed, we thought we would suggest a movie to match which happens to have a LOT of eating. It’s so good, you can smell the herbs, taste the pasta sauce and feel your belly pushing at your pants. Settle in and enjoy this absolutely beautiful movie, Big Night.

In love and life, one big night can change everything.


New Jersey, 1950’s. Two Italian brothers, Primo (Tony Shalhoub) and Secondo (Stanley Tucci), are running their Italian restaurant into bankruptcy. Primo is the chef and will have it no other way than his own. Secondo is a bit more practical and constantly tries to talk his brother around. Customers are not used to such authentic Italian food, but Primo doesn’t want to give what the customer wants. He wants to give what he wants - the best of his country on a plate. Whilst trying his best to appease his brother and keep their business afloat, Secondo is juggling two women. His girlfriend, Phyllis (Minnie Driver), is sweet and patient, but naturally fights break out between the two when Secondo cannot admit that he doesn’t want to commit. After a grim meeting with their bank manager, Secondo goes to see his frenemy, Pascal (Ian Holm), who happens to run an Italian hotspot literally down the street. Secondo hopes Pascal may lend them the money needed by the end of the month, but his rival has always wanted the brother’s to work for him and so thinks differently. Rather than give him money, he gives Secondo and Primo a huge shot at making it big - putting on a party for a very famous jazz singer. Will the brother’s succeed and host a dinner to remember? Will the business be saved? A knockout cast, superb cinematography and a beautiful soundtrack. This movie flows nicely and the performances are amazing. One special mention to the singer, Marc Anthony, who doesn’t speak much at all as the faithful, single staff member, Cristiano. We hope you enjoy!

Big Night can be watched on Netflix!