This weekend we are in for some lols and some action. When all else in the world appears to be going wrong, we thought a little light hearted fun was in order. Not to mention, an ‘80s Kurt Russell and Kim Catrell to swoon over. Get comfy and forget all troubles with Big Trouble In Little China.

"Some people pick the damndest places to fight." - Twentieth Century Fox


Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) is your regular guy - a rough around the edges trucker that is up for some fun. After destroying his long-time friend, Wang Chi (Dennis Dun), in a card game, Chi admits he doesn’t have the means to pay the winnings right away and that he also has to pick up his fiancee from the airport. Burton, eager to get his money right away, accompanies his pal to the airport. Unfortunately, upon arrival, Chi’s fiance is kidnapped by a Chinese street gang which in turn kicks off one ultimate, supernatural battle under the streets of Chinatown. Burton is certainly not prepared for what is about to come, but he and his gang put up one hell of a fight to get Chi’s fiance back and get his well-won money! A laugh out loud kung fu extravaganza that will make you forget about the world for the time! Shout out to Kim Catrell in a cheongsam and Kurt Russell’s excellent vest. Also, it’s worth a mention that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in talks to do a sequel to this classic, so if you haven’t seen the OG, now is definitely the time to get schooled!

**This movie can be rented on Amazon Prime for £2.99, Google Play for £2.99 and YouTube for £3.49 (prices correct at time of post!)**