Such a treat we have for you this weekend!! This movie combines humour, outlandish behaviour and murder so perfectly. As we write this, we can’t wipe the smile of our faces! Introducing the much loved board game-turned-movie, Clue.

“It’s not just a game… anymore.” Paramount Pictures

So we here at pam pam cannot believe how many people have not seen this masterpiece! One of the best, comically timed casts paired with an impeccable script, Clue the movie is a laugh out loud, whodunnit. Ok sure, if you read up you’ll find out it was initially a box office flop. BUT, it gained a huge cult following upon its VHS release and there are plenty of good reasons why!

We are positive most of you are very familiar with the family fun board game, Cluedo, and the iconic names of each player. For those who don’t, the film features the usual suspects (forgive us the pun) Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan) Miss. Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren) Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn), Colonel Mustard (Martin Mull) Mr. Green (Michael McKean) Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd) alongside the very, very excellent, Tim Curry, as Wadsworth the butler. The movie begins with the guests arriving at a secluded mansion to attend a dinner party they have been invited to by a Mr Boddy. All strangers to each other, they wonder what the dinner is for, who Mr Boddy is and why they have been invited (As they say, curiosity killed the cat…) Upon arrival, Wadsworth insists they are not allowed to use their real names and are only allowed to go by their pseudonyms. As the night wears on, bodies begin piling up which hilariously (no, really) freaks out the party guests into investigating the whole mansion and each other to figure out who the murderer is. Plots that include sex, politics and blackmail will have everyone guessing how it all ties in. So who did it? And with what weapon? And in which room? You’re going to need to watch to find out! And the movie delivers not one, but three endings for you. Clue is a theatrical gem that needs attention. And we think it’s best to do it prior to the Ryan Reynolds remake, coming soon. We know you’ll love the 1985 OG.

Clue can be rented on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video (£3.49) or Google Play (£2.49) (**prices true at time of blog post**)