For those of you who missed this crucial part of cinema education, fear not. Your weekly guide to excellent films is here with a total knock out. Coming To America hit the screens in 1988 and was a hit. Making over $280,000,000 at box office and propelling Eddie Murphy’s stardom straight into the outer cosmos. Murphy isn’t the only star in this film however, other cast members include James Earl Jones, Arsenio Hall, Samuel L. Jackson, John Amos, Madge Sinclair and Shari Headley.

Sexual Chocolate. Sexual Chocolate!

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The film tells the story of an extremely pampered African Prince (Murphy) who travels to Queens, NY, in search of a wife that he can respect for her intelligence and individuality. Coming to America was one of the first films to utilise the same actor for multiple roles - both Murphy and Hall flawlessly play multiple characters within the film - with a little help from some prosthetics and heavy makeup!

Ohh, and one last thing, Coming To America 2 has been confirmed by Eddie Murphy so this film is worth checking out ASAP. Info on where to watch this stellar film below. So what’s the hold up? Go, go, go! ;-D

Coming To America can be rented on iTunes and Amazon Prime for £3.49, or Google Play for £2.49. **Prices correct at time of post**.