Amazing movie and even better theme song. This weeks weekend watch is the type of movie you feel that you only watched yesterday, everyone's seen this movie a few times. BUT! We couldn't resist visiting once again, one our favourite epic sing-song movie moments in this 90's classic, because well, Nothing quite beats “Can’t Stop the Moonlight” by Leann Rimes getting caught in your head. This weeks Weekend Watch is… Coyote Ugly!

“Someone needs to warn the bartenders at the real Coyote Ugly bar that now is a good time to start shopping around for doubles and extra pairs of leather pants.”

- The New York Times

This story is of a young and aspiring songwriter, Violet(Piper Perabo) who heads off to New York City to make it big as a rock ‘n’ roll song writer. After a series of disastrous attempts at sending demos to every recording studio in the city, Violet is desperate for work and meets a group of girls, including Zoe(Tyra Banks), who lets out her card for some bar work. Violet stumbles into the trendy bar in the Lower East Side, Coyote Ugly, where all the bartenders also earn heaps of tips as wild entertainment performers. Violet is put under pressure from employer, Lil(Maria Bello), to make up $250 she lost during an attempt to impress the bar staff. Violet finds handsome friend and love interest, Kevin (Adam Garcia), to fish her out of the worsened situation. The movie transforms into an empowering lesson of love for what you do and determination to go and get it! Let’s not forget Violets Dad played by John Goodman, who offers a relatable bond in the movie because obviously we aren’t all rockstars shaking a leg in a New York bar!

We owe it to this movie for having some of the best music performance moments in film history. You’ve got to stick it out to the end to see all that action though! Check out the trailer, watch the movie and sing that infectious song. Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Coyote Ugly is available to watch on Google Play for £9.99! **Prices true at time of post**