Ok so we know you know the song, possibly the soundtrack. But have you seen the film? And if yes, in recent times? If no, you really need to rectify. And we are happy to say, this weekend is the one. It’s time for Purple Rain.

"Sometimes what you’re looking for is closer than you think."


The Kid (Prince) is a rising star. He is the lead singer of his band, The Revolution, and retains a coveted position at the hottest nightclub in Minneapolis, First Avenue. But a few things are getting in his way to stardom - his difficult living situation with his parents, the lack of insight from his band and his rival, Morris Day and his band, The Time. On top of this, a budding romance with the very beautiful, hopeful singer, Apollonia (Apollonia Kotero) adds more crazy to Prince’s life. Unable to free himself of his father’s destructive behaviour, Prince self sabotages all his relationships almost to the brink of no return. Will he find his way, achieve success and the girl? Potentially a very close interpretation of Prince’s very real life, Purple Rain is a fantastic ride. If you’re not in it for the writing, then the costumes and the soundtrack alone are definitely worth it!

**Purple Rain can be rented online for £3.49 on YouTube or Google Play. (Prices correct at time of post!!)