With Christmas approaching and the evenings getting darker, we thought it was a perfect time for romantic dark fantasy film directed by the one and only Tim Burton with Edward Scissorhands!

"Burton's sweet Gothic fairy tale has lost none of its charm."- Flipside Movie Emporium


Think of this as Christmas’s very own, Frankenstein story or Tim Burton’s, Beauty and the Beast! The main character played by, the great, Johnny Depp, is a synthetic-made man with (you couldn't guess it) knife shards as hands, which places him in the shadows of local, suburban society, until… an impromptu encounter with local Avon lady (Dianne Weist). Edward now finds himself introduced to the town and finally brought to life, with his unusual hand accessories being put to good use with part-time landscaping and hairdressing work, even finding love with the leading lady, Kim (Winona Ryder). However, the euphoria doesn’t last for long. Discrimination against Edward lurks in the sidelines with a few members of the community plotting against him, which leads to a series of very unfortunate events for Edward that’ll have you sobbing on your sofa, screaming... “Just give the guy a break!”.

A real tear jerker for many, Edward Scissorhands is an absolute must-watch for the Christmas season and with Tim Burton’s, unmatched directing magic - you just can’t go wrong! Edward Scissorhands can be watched online with a Google Play rental for £3.49.