Welcome back to weekend watch! We hope you enjoyed watching Mystic Picture last week. If it is still on your ‘to-watch’ list, then we’re excited for you to add the following movie, Falling In Love.

“Sometimes magic is the only thing that’s real.”- Paramount Pictures

Two powerhouse actors, one beautifully written movie. What does it feel like to fall in love with a complete stranger when you are already married to another? Molly Gilmore (Meryl Streep) and Frank Raftis (Robert De Niro) face this test in this intense romance film. A chance meeting in a bookstore kicks off a whirlwind affair you can’t help but root for, even though you know it’s forbidden. Of course, the performances by both Streep and De Niro are beyond exceptional, portraying this difficult situation with exactly the right finesse. The honesty of all the characters makes it even more watchable with the viewer just begging to know how they will figure things out. A lovely mention to lovely, Dianne Wiest, as the best friend, Isabelle, for injecting a little mirth into the tale here and there. Doesn’t she have the sweetest voice? Other notable names include Harvey Keitel and Jane Kaczmarek. You’ll want to watch this movie just for the beautiful train journey scenes alone.

We hope you enjoy this weekend’s viewing! (We get that the word ‘enjoy’ is potentially a bit “eeek” considering the infidelity subject matter of the film, but you get what we mean)