We’re feeling the want for the warm and fuzzies this weekend and so we have appropriately chosen two absolutely swoon actors to fill your TV/computer/tablet/phone screens. Where there is hope, there is a great flick - Hope Floats.

When life fell apart, love fell into place. -Twentieth Century Fox


Birdee Pruitt (Sandra Bullock) is the ex-pageant beauty, miss perfect, Queen Bee. The kind of girl that everything falls into place for. She left her small town life in Texas, married a well to do businessman, Bill Pruitt (Michael Pare), moved to Chicago and began living her dream housewife life. All this comes to an abrupt end however after the chance to be on the biggest daytime TV program for a makeover turns into the biggest nightmare of her perfect life. Devastated, humiliated and depressed, Birdee flees with her daughter, Bernice (Mae Whiteman), back home to Smithville, and moves in with her eccentric mum, Ramona Calvert (Gena Rowlands). Being back home isn’t the “quiet time away” she was hoping for as she learns she wasn’t the nicest girl in school from old classmates. There is one such former student that takes quite a liking to Birdee - Justin Matisse (Harry Connick Jnr) - and it only appears to be her eccentric mother that is thrilled by his twinkling eyes! Will Birdee settle again for small town life? Find out in this super cute movie that is guaranteed to give you all the feels!

**Hope Floats can be rented on Google Play, Amazon Prime and YouTube for £3.49 (prices correct at time of post!)