We are all gagging for a holiday. Preferably one on a Caribbean island, surrounded by sun and sand, and lathered in SPF30+ (important). Sadly, we can’t all rush to action stations just yet and so we thought we would at least bring the island vibes to you… plus a little romance. Find your sarongs and pop the Malibu this weekend for How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Sometimes you have to break the rules to free your heart. -Twentieth Century Fox


Stella Payne (Angela Bassett) is a highly successful stockbroker living in California. Only ever focusing on work and being a mother, Stella rarely does anything for herself. Enter her best friend, Delilah Abraham (Whoopi Goldberg) who urges Stella to indulge in a first class island getaway. Succumbing to her friend’s insistence, Stella jets off to Jamaica for her well deserved break, determined to soak up the sun and beauty of the island. As she begins to unwind, her path crosses with a 20 year old man named Winston Shakespeare (Taye Diggs). Stella, aware of the age gap and unable to let go of real life and her responsibilities tries to dissuade the hot pursuit of Winston. But will she succeed? This new opportunity sharply pulls all of Stella’s obligations into focus. Is it right to date a 20 year old at this stage in her life?

This beautiful love story shows the true power of desire and companionship outweighing all the life ‘admin’ stuff. Angela Bassett is one of the best actresses of our generation and watching her in anything is always a treat. This is Taye Diggs debut film and his young self is pure joy to watch. Of course, Whoppi always brings the comedic goods! Plus, the soundtrack is an absolute win with hits such as ‘Luv Me Luv Me’ by Janet Jackson and Shaggy. Sit back and enjoy the watch (and mini island holiday)!

How Stella Got Her Groove Back is available to rent via YouTube, Amazon Prime and Google Play for £3.49. (Price correct at time of post!**)