It was the final instalment of the “Look Who’s Talking” trilogy, and the best! The first movie exposes the possibility of babies communicating with each other and this time around they’ve thrown a bone to the pets in the family.

The Ubriacco family is picture-perfect. Mum and Dad with now slightly older toddlers. Once again, John Travolta plays the loving husband, James, whilst Kirsty Alley plays his wife, Mollie. The pair progress further into the typical family life by adopting two, very different, pups! Rocks (voice of Danny Devito) is a street-wise mongrel who’s forever teasing the prim and perfect, Daphne (voice of Diane Keaton) , a pure-bred poodle. The story starts off on the lead up to our favourite time of the year, Christmas. The family Christmas expenses start piling up and husband, James is forced to work overtime at his new job, after Mollie loses hers. Spending a lot more time with his boss and seductress, Samantha, James is coerced into spending Christmas Eve with her at her cabin in the woods. Struggling to get away from the temptation, the family is put under strain, and the only the dogs are there to save the day!

A Christmas favourite til the end. Look Who’s Talking Now is one for the family at Christmas time. Watch Look Who’s Talking Now on GooglePlay for £7.99 now!