Woooo it’s Friday! And we understand that currently, it may be difficult to keep track of days. BUT, we know when it’s Friday because it means it’s Weekend Watch time and boy are we excited about this weekend’s pick. A classic comedy with some of the best - sit back and enjoy, Made In America.

At the sperm-bank she asked for a tall, intelligent, black man. One out of three ain't bad. - Warner Bros Pictures


Sarah Mathews (Whoopi Goldberg) is proud of her African heritage which she has passed onto her daughter, Zora (Nia Long). During a high school biology class, Zora and her best friend, Tea Cake Walters (Will Smith) are doing an experiment to find out their blood type. What Zora discovers shocks her entirely and prompts her to ask her mother whether her late father really was her dad. Reluctantly, Sarah confides that she went to a sperm bank and asked for an African American donor that was tall and intelligent. Zora, curious and wanting to find her real dad to perhaps find a part of herself, sneaks into the back office of the sperm bank to get the address of her father. Though what she finds when she reaches the address of Hal Jackson (Ted Danson) is anything but what her mother described to her. From here ensues a mother-daughter-father fight fest as personalities and wants clash. What will the future hold for the trio? Find out! :-)

**Made in America is available to view on Netflix, or can be rented on Amazon Prime for £3.49 (price correct at the time of post!)