At any point during your schooling years, did you not just want to bust out in full song and dance with your fellow classmates backing you up the whole way? Think Grease or High School musical. Perhaps you just aced your PE test or finally asked your crush out, ORRR you got into a fight with your rival and kicked off a musical punch up. Well if you were one of the many that did, then this movie will show you just exactly how you would have gone about it. Warm up your vocal cords for this weekend's watch, Main Hoon Na.

This summer will be cool ... -Red Chillies Entertainment


After a time of unrest, India and Pakistan decide to end their hostilities with each other. To do this, they create the Milap Program which exchanges prisoners between the two countries. This news of a truce however does not sit well with former Indian soldier, Raghavan Dutta (Sunil Shetty) who was discharged for killing Pakistan civilians as revenge for his son's death during the war. As one huge push to sever the new peace, Dutta shoots his former superior, Brigadier General Shekhar Sharma (Naseeruddin Shah) at a press conference. Worried that this renegade group will begin targeting more members of the Indian army, General Amarjeet Bakshi (Kabir Bedi) asks one of his squad, Major Ram (Shah Rukh Khan) to go on an undercover mission to protect his daughter, Sanjana Bakshi (Amrita Rao) at her college. At the same time, on his deathbed, General Sharma tells Major Ram, his son, of an illegitimate child he had who also attends the college. He asks for Ram to reconcile with his family. As he adjusts to life as a student, maintaining an eye on Sanjana and trying to build a relationship with his half brother, Laxman Prasad Sharma (Zayed Khan), Ram doesn't account for a distraction that could ruin everything - his beautiful teacher, Chandni Chopra (Sushmita Sen). Will Ram be able to adjust to being a student? Will everyone believe his cover? Will he reconcile with his estranged family? Will he let beauty distract him? A hyped up story of war and love, this movie was the second highest grossing at the box office in 2004. We hope you enjoy the music, the drama and the insanely fun 2000's fashion!

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