Everyone, it's Friday again! With the weekend around the corner, it's time for weekend watch (yay!) Falling out of our usual step to bring you movie gems of old, we have chosen a recent film that went down a smooth treat. As we come crashing toward the end of February, we implore you to sit back and let this watch wash over you. Sofia Coppola brings you, On The Rocks.

A New York woman and her impulsive, larger-than-life father try to find out if her husband is having an affair.


Laura (Rashida Jones) is a New York City dwelling author and mother of two who is having issues completing her current work. An internationally renowned writer, she has received an advance on her next book yet can't quite get it finished due in part to maintaining the household and family. As she is stuck in a rut, her husband, Dean (Marlon Wayans) is keeping busy and enjoying much success as the chief executive of a startup company. His constant travelling and full schedule don't warrant much cause for worry until one evening when a love making session is started and prematurely ended by him, Laura begins to suspect his fidelity. Left slightly weirded out and wondering, Laura confides her feelings to her father, Felix (Bill Murray), who begins ringing the alarm bells that Laura feared to listen to. Before Laura has time to gather her thoughts, Felix lands on her doorstep with a proposal to start an all out spy mission on Dean. What ensues is a comedic road trip across New York (even to Mexico) to find out the truth, tightening their beautiful dad-daughter relationship all the way. Arguably Sofia’s first movie to have a tangible storyline to follow, this film still maintains all the beautiful complexities and soft angles that she is a master at. Silky smooth, we hope you enjoy the fun that is On The Rocks!

**Available to watch on Apple TV!