Happy new year all! New decade, new resolutions to be had. We all know the most popular is getting into shape. It’s not the easiest to keep up, BUT, that’s where this weekend’s movie choice comes in. We promise you, if you look at the very young, very healthy Jamie Lee Curtis in this flick long enough, you will know all the hottest aerobics moves to get you ship shape by Feb. Yep! So get your spandex on, we are watching Perfect.

“Where love is a dance and beauty is everything.” - Columbia Pictures


The ‘80s. A golden era for outrageous fashion choices and fleeting trends. In amongst this was the incredibly exciting new way to workout - aerobics. People repeating dance like steps to high-intensity music to find their perfect shape, wearing the least amount of clothing as possible. It was the perfect recipe for a romance hotpot and journalist, Adam Lawrence (John Travolta), from Rolling Stone Magazine, had this very thought. After being sent from NYC to LA to write a piece on a businessmen who had been busted for drugs, Lawrence sees the opportunity to write a piece about the popular sports club, The Sports Connection, becoming the new “singles bar of the 80’s” Adam organises a tour of the gym and here he steps into Jessie Williams (Jamie Lee Curtis), famed aerobics class. Lawrence asks Williams for an interview which she declines over and over due to a previous journalist experience that is slowly exposed. Adam’s pushy nature, in turn, pushes Jessie away as they fall head over heels for each other. Will Lawrence take advantage of Williams? Will, she is able to trust a journalist ever again?

A romance movie with beautiful scenes and beautiful bodies. I am sure a lot of you know the famous aerobics class scene where Jamie Lee Curtis is actually making love to the air. If you haven’t seen it, then that scene is possibly the one to convince you to pursue a body overhaul.

**Perfect can be viewed on Amazon Prime for free with any subscription!