Let’s open up our minds to wonder for a moment. With such heavy themes battering us at the moment, escapism seems the best option for reprieve. We thought to suggest some movies that have travel at the forefront, but instead thought that reverting to the imaginable was an even better option. So sit back, relax and enjoy the wonder of Studio Ghibli’s, Ponyo.

“I’m glad I was born”


Five year old Sousuke (Hiroki Doi) lives on a sleepy cliff side along a coast with his mother, Risa (Tomoko Yamaguchi). One day, he comes upon a stranded goldfish in a bottle on the shore and immediately gets to saving the small fish. Cutting his finger on the glass, the goldfish sees the injury and licks it better, healing the wound before Sousuke’s eyes. The little boy names the goldfish Ponyo, sensing something quite special about the little creature. Meanwhile, Ponyo's wizard father, Fujimoto (George Tokoro), is beside himself when he sees his beloved daughter is missing and thinks she has been kidnapped. He calls on the wave spirits to help search for Brunhilde (Ponyo’s real name) to find her and bring her home. However, Ponyo becomes quite smitten with Sousuke and even uses her magic to transform into a little girl, hoping to stay with Sousuke and never return. This collision of lives imbalances the world causing imminent danger to all. The two children embark on a journey to save the world and also their precious relationship.

Taking some inspiration from the classic, ‘Little Mermaid’ tale, this story is full of bravery, determination and super cuteness. We hope you enjoy!

(Available to view on Netflix!)