Switching gears this weekend, we felt in the mood for something quirky, yet romantic, yet odd and mildly nerve-wracking. Quite a niche hankering that might be hard to find, but we remembered just the movie that gave us all these feels as well as exceptional performances. And so, prepare yourself for all the above emotions with this weekend's watch, Punch-Drunk Love.

Barry Egan (Adam Sandler) is an entrepreneur, selling unique toilet plungers and other novelties. A quiet, reserved bachelor, Barry lives a lonely life with the occasional fit of rage overcoming him due to emotional anxiety. This is caused from a lifetime of taunting and emotional abuse from his seven overbearing sisters. At a family birthday party, a serious outburst from Barry leads him to ask one of his brothers in law for advice on seeking a counselor. Instead, Barry ends up calling a sex hotline to help deal with his loneliness. Seemingly harmless at first, things take an unexpected turn when the caller, Georgia, asks Barry for money. Meanwhile, one of Barry's sisters, Elizabeth (Mary Lynn Rajskub), introduces her brother to her co-worker, Lena (Emily Watson), who strongly fancies Barry. As their love blooms and the money extortion plot from the sex hotline continues to worsen, Barry makes his own plans to exploit a loophole in a competition run by food company, Healthy Choice, and amass millions of frequent flyer miles. Will Barry's emotional state bear the weight of everything happening? Will true love or the sex hotline be the victor? Adam Sandler's performance in this movie won him praises by so many. Not just a brash comedian, his performance as the lonely and emotionally unstable Barry is beautiful to watch. Emily Watson as Lena is a welcome reprieve of calm and sweet throughout the unstable journey of Barry. Also, Philip Seymour Hoffman is also in this movie, but you're just going to have to watch to find out who his character is. No need to mention his performance is flawless!

Available to Amazon Prime members. Also available to rent on YouTube and Google Play for £2.49 (**Prices and availability correct at time of post!)

(Ps - for extra lols, check out this superb "outtake")