Who doesn’t love a dance story? More to the point - who doesn’t love THIS dance story? If you missed out on this treasure when it came out in 2001, we feel now is the perfect moment to get on the dance train. Lol. This weekend’s watch - Save The Last Dance.

The only person you need to be is yourself.

- Paramount Pictures

A movie with envious outfit looks, hairstyles and choreographed moves, Save The Last Dance burst onto the scene when dance movies were at their prime. Seriously, if you want to watch the movie for those things alone, be our guest! But it does have a sweet storyline to it that is meant to strengthen the spirit and motivate the soul (deep). The film begins with Sara Johnson (Julia Stiles), a promising classical dancer who is auditioning for a spot at the prestigious art school, Julliard. Her mother is late to the audition which throws Sara’s game and ultimately she fails. Soon after, Sara receives news that her mother was in a fatal car accident due to her rushing to her audition which throws Sara’s life into a guilt ridden chaos. Moving in with her estranged father, Sara attends a new school and has to learn to make new friends and new dance moves. With the help of Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas)and Chenille (Kerry Washington) , Sara begins to find herself again and regain her courage to follow her dreams. Special shout out to the bitchiest ex-gf ever, Nikki (Bianca Lawson).Also, a note for Dawson’s Creek fans - yes, this IS the same Nikki! Although the Nikki in Save The Last Dance is NOT the film-loving, potential Dawson-liking Nikki that lived near his creek… We hope you enjoy this weekend’s movie!

Save The Last Dance can be bought on Google Play and Amazon Prime for £5.99, or, if you LOVE iTunes and LOVE this movie, you can buy it for £7.99. **Prices true at time of post**