In honour of our fifth birthday this weekend, we brainstormed excellent birthday flicks. And since we enjoy the 80s so much, and Molly Ringwald, we thought Sixteen Candles would be excellent. :-)

"16 Candles. And you're invited to the party."- Universal Pictures


Samantha (Molly Ringwald) is on the fast track to doom. In a teen’s world, having a crush on the hottest guy in school and he doesn’t even know you exist is the worst. Surely things couldn’t get any worse? Actually, yes they can, because the geekiest kid in school, aptly named, Geek (Anthony Michael Hall), has a crush on Samantha and it’s embarrassing. On top of all this, her sister, Ginny (Blanche Baker) is getting married which results in her entire family forgetting Samantha’s birthday. Peachy. A foreign exchange student and an awkward school dance put a cherry on top of this coming-of-age flick. Will Samantha work up the courage to ask out her beau? Will sixteen be her year to shine? Find out this weekend!

**Sixteen Candles can be viewed on Netflix (yay!)