This weekend, we are putting on our dancing sneakers and our best fits from 2008. Dance is life and the best way to express oneself. But do you stick to the confines of school regulated teaching? Or do you follow your heart and dance what you learned on the streets? These are the questions answered by the MSA crew in this weekend's watch, Step Up 2: The Streets.

It's not where you're from. It's where you're at.


Since the death of her parents, Andie West (Briana Evigan) lives with her mother's best friend, Sarah who is fed up with Andie's attitude. Andie doesn't care for schools and rules, but finds herself in a hot spot when Sarah threatens to send her away to live with relatives in Texas if she doesn't pick up her act. All Andie cares about is her dance crew, the 410, which is the best of the streets and her only real family. With her current life being threatened by Sarah, Andie’s neighborhood friend (and Step Up 1 OG) Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) convinces Andie to audition for the Maryland School Of Arts (MSA). Seeing no other option, Andie enrolls and soon her life becomes complicated as her school life threatens her crew life. Frustratingly but refreshingly Andie finds she can be schooled by new friend Moose (Adam Sevani) and potentially find love with Chase (Robert Hoffman). Alliances change, friendships break and all tensions come to a head in an epic dance-off at the end of the film. Will Andie get it together and find true family and happiness? Watch to find out!

Ok, so we here at the pam are quite taken by sequels. Think about it - Home Alone 2, Back To The Future 2, Addams Family Values.... all of these are bangers, no? But, we believe Step Up 2 is better than the OG. Controversial? Maybe. Let us know what you think!

Step Up 2: The Streets can be rented on YouTube, Google Play and Amazon for £2.49 and AppleTV for £3.49 (**Prices and availability correct at time of post!)