A film production laced with bad energy, onset cocaine binging and, in the end, tragedy, this week’s, weekend watch, is a movie you might be familiar with. Starring Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon Lee, we take a look at, The Crow.

“Real love is forever.” Miramax

Belonging to the genres of Fantasy, Drama and Action, The Crow also contains a lot of Thriller, too. On the night before halloween, and their wedding day, Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas) are brutally murdered in their apartment by a gang of thugs. One year later, a crow resurrects Eric and gives him the power to seek revenge on his and Shelly’s killers. This could potentially sound ridiculous, but please mind that this movie is an adaptation of a comic book, and a very good one we might add!

For its time, The Crow was praised for its dark visuals, moody soundtrack and Lee’s impressive performance. Most believed it would of been the gig to catapult Brandon’s career, which makes watching the film even more wrenching. For those that don’t know, unfortunately due to a prop gun mishap, Brandon was fatally wounded on set in a scene where his character is shot. He died just three days out from him completing principle photography. Also, the decision that his character be shot was allegedly a last minute one, which is just heartbreaking. To complete the film, the script had to be rewritten and computer graphics used to recreate scenes thanks to a last minute budget injection by Miramax. In the end, the film was a sleeper hit and grossed quite a bit more than its cost. So, if you’re up for a bit of action, with a little morbid twist, The Crow is one we would recommend. RIP Brandon Lee.

The Crow can be rented on Google Play or Amazon Prime, here!