Last week we watched turtles fighting crime in New York City and had mega fun doing so. And so, we thought to stay on the action train but take it up a notch… say, to space? Fly high with the handsome Bruce Willis in this weekend’s watch, The Fifth Element.

"There is no future without it" Columbia Pictures


There is telling of a great evil that appears every 5,000 years to destroy life. In 1914, the alien race known as the Mondoshawans arrived in ancient Egypt to uncover and keep safe the only weapons that can destroy the threat. The weapon comprises four stones that hold each of the elemental powers and a sarcophagus which contains The Fifth Element in human form. Fast forward to the year 2263 and evil is threatening to extinguish life. On the way to earth to deliver the weapon to their Earth contact, a priest called Vito Cornelius, the Mondoshawans spacecraft is attacked by Mangalores which have been hired by the ruthless industrialist, Zorg (Gary Oldman) to steal the stones. The spacecraft is destroyed and the only surviving part of the weapon is a severed hand from the sarcophagus that still contains living cells. From this, scientists create a ‘perfect being’ named, Leeloo (Mila Jovovich), who unfortunately bugs out entirely by her surroundings and jumps off a high ledge to escape the scientists. Not a problem though, this is the 23rd century after all and flying cars definitely exist! She happily falls into the taxicab of ex-marine, Korban Dallas (Bruce Willis) who is both shocked and pleasantly surprised by her drop-in. What ensues from here is a wild journey with three different parties all vying for the stones, mostly unaware of the looming threat to the entire world! Honestly, the trip is amazing and we definitely recommend this movie on the basis of Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker) as the intergalactic radio DJ sensation. A super fun action film to cosy up with this weekend!