This weekend we chose the classic Uncle Buck from 1989. A film that has achieved cult status. Definitely one of our favourite films featuring the legendary John Candy. I know its a bit of an odd chose as its set in winter and we are now in summer, but just roll with it. Also starring in Uncle Buck is Jean Louisa Kelly, Gaby Hoffmann and a super young Macaulay Culkin.

"I'm a kid and that's my job” - "Culkin"


Buck (John Candy) is asked to step in and babysit his brother's rebellious daughter and younger kids (Hoffmann & Culkin). The film shows how Buck is forced to adapt to conventional family life while battling the temptations of his Batchelor life of golf, bowling and gambling. I guess what we are really are witnessing is Buck maturing and realising that he is capable of being a reliable adult, even if his jokes are a bit too close to the mark or he loses his temper at a school principal, he is ultimately an excellent uncle.

This film is loved by so many people because its heartwarming, light hearted and just shows John Candy absolutely nailing the roll. This film is perfect for a lazy day in bed, or when you just need something to go to thats guaranteed to make you smile.

You can find this film everywhere so theirs nothing stopping you! Go go go!