This weeks weekend watch sees Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer venture into the unknown in Willow. That's right the 1988 classic! A lot of people seem addicted to Game of Thrones at the moment, almost as if its the first ever fantasy film/series! That's why we are suggesting you check out Willow. Its got dragons, swords, magic, big battles and romance.

"I am the greatest swordsman that ever lived” - Val Kilmer as “Madmartigan"


Willow (Warwick Davis) is a Nelwyn who live far away from the realms of man. One day a special human baby flows downstream to the Nelwyn village and it falls on Willow to return the baby. Little does he know how special the baby is and that a super evil tyrannical queen and an evil army are looking to harm her. That's where Kilmer comes in as “Madmartigan” a total sword master who helps willow try and defeat the evil queen and ultimately restore peace in the land. Obviously their's way more to it then that but it just doesn’t seem right spoiling all of the story.

If you are digging fantasy at the moment then Willow is worth a watch. Made by Lucas films (Star Wars) and the director Ron Howard (Cocoon). It features top special effects of the day (You will enjoy those) and ticks all the boxes. For us, Warwick Davis just steals the show, he’s super young in it and brings the character Willow Ufgood to life making this film a cult classic.

You can actually watch the whole film on youtube! Click here.