Staying with the suspense genre again this weekend, we follow four Australian's taking a carefree getaway to Cambodia. Doesn't sound suspenseful at all, does it? In fact, Sounds quite dreamy. But what happens when only three of the party return home? Find out this weekend - Wish You Were Here.

Four Went. Three came back. Only one of them knows what happened.


David Flannery (Joel Edgerton) and his wife Alice (Felicity Price) decide to go on a getaway to South East Asia with Alice's sister Steph (Teresa Palmer) and her new boyfriend Jeremy King (Antony Starr). One particularly boozey night, Jeremy goes missing without a trace. The sisters and David return to Sydney, all with differing recollections of what happened that night. As the police close in, one big dirty secret comes to light that tears the trio apart and creates a domino effect for more ugly truths to be revealed. Will Jeremy be found? Will the friend's relationships survive? Watch to find out!

This Australian suspense thriller keeps you going thanks to the brilliant performances and slick script writing. Joel Edgerton is a standout in this flick!

Available to Apple TV viewers for £2.49 (**Price and availability correct at time of post!)