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Ahhhh, 'Missing you like candy.' It's the perfect teen expression for crushing on someone you don't know so hard that you're missing them like your favourite sugary treat. Weirdly this song didn't quite hit it like it should have at the time, but thankfully it's a bop that has lived on and on and resurfaces every now and then.

The music video for this banger was a beauty. It made a majority of people envious. I mean, who didn't want the latest Discman, a brand new lime green VW Bug and cool ass friends that cruise and hang out at diners? This video is the epitome of Y2K fashion and we can only be grateful to have it preserved in this clip. Moore was only 15 years old at the time of this record and we must admit, we love the gusto she gives in her performance. Her keen singing and passionate dancing make you wish you dealt with your crushes in a similar fashion - with backup-dancer-friends in toe. Mandy has since commented that she isn’t too down with this teen tune, but will sing it occasionally at concerts with more of a rock edge. Personally, we’d wish for the bubblegum pop version (^_^*)/ We hope you enjoy rewatching this winner!