One doesn’t have the body, one doesn’t have the attitude and the other doesn’t have the heart. Throw in love problems and bitchiness, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a seriously awesome dance flick - Centre Stage.

"Life doesn’t hold tryouts.” - Columbia Pictures


The dream of a young ballet dancer - securing a place at the American Ballet Academy (ABA). For three teenage girls, it’s the chance of a lifetime. However Jody Sawyer (Amanda Schull) , Eva Rodriguez (Zoe Saldana) and Maureen Cummings (Susan May Pratt), soon learn that the life of a dancer involves one too many trials and tribulations. Jody doesn’t have the best technique and soon finds herself at the bottom of the class. Her biggest want is to become a professional ballet dancer, but a fling with an American Ballet Company member and her inability to level up causes her to doubt herself and her dreams. Eva’s bad attitude clashes with her exceptional dancing ability, which in turn leaves her in an uncertain place at the school. And Maureen, top of the class, finds herself in love, an unexpected obstacle which forces her to question where her real passion lies. And if the drama isn’t enough of an incentive to watch, then the seriously cool dance sequences to a brilliant soundtrack should be the motive! One particular song, for all those who spent the 2000s in their teens, you’ll remember one Jamiroquai song, Canned Heat, playing non-stop. It was a tune you couldn’t help bopping to at the time and you’ll certainly feel the same when watching the end sequence. Kick start your weekend with this feel-good flick :-)

*Centre Stage can be rented on iTunes andAmazon Prime Video (£3.49) Google Play (£2.49) **Prices correct at the time of this post!