My Happy Soap Fraise

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Indulge yourself with My Happy Soap(s). Made in the heart of Province, these delicious bars are 100% natural using ingredients that are completely renewable, respective of animals and plant life, and resposibly sourced. Made using a vegetable foruma, the heart ingredient is ecological shea butter, known for it's potent moisture ability, and the rest are incredible scent notes from Grasse, the world reknowned spot for perfume masters. 
The Strawberry scent isn't that "gift shop" kind of strawberry smell you're maybe thinking. It's light, beautiful, sweet and delicious!

  • Hand crafted soap in Province
  • Ingredients are sustainably sourced and not tested on animals
  • Packing is recycled and print free
  • Pure vegetable forumla 
  • Ecological Shea Butter base
  • Perfume notes from Grasse
  • Top Notes - Red Fruits
  • Middle notes - Strawberry
  • Bottom notes - Brown sugar