Novesta has done it again. That is to say, they have put together an absolutely beautiful colourway and for all those Novesta-heads out there who have been loving the all white, or beige transparent will get a real kick out of this one!

Available in the Star Master, the beige mono colourway is perfect. Akin those dreamy sunny afternoons, picking flowers and marvelling at the blue, crisp sky - these are the feels this colour up gives us! Stunning when paired with your fave washed denim or flowy dress, we might remind you that these earth loving sneakers are certified vegan and are created with the help of natural energy. Yup, Novesta power their warehouse via recycled wood chips. So if ever there was a time to try Novesta (or try a new colour if you’re already a staunch supporter of the brand) it’s now! Shop our Novesta range here.