Welcome back to rewind! where we share our fave music videos to pass time to.

In our opinion, David Coverdale needs no intro. The leader of one of the biggest hair bands in history, Coverdale's Whitesnake is responsible for a number of head banging hits that majority of us have heard at least once in our lifetime. In honour of Mr Coverdale's 70th birthday today, we are looking at one of Whitesnake's swoon hits, Is This Love?

Written by Coverdale and guitarist John Sykes, the power ballad croons about the burning longing one experiences when falling in love. The lyrics are something everyone can relate to, but it's Coverdale's hyper sexual and yearning performance in the music video that sells the song completely.

The clip shows Coverdale smouldering in his apartment as he watches his then-model-girlfriend, Tawny Kiaten, pack a bag in sexually charged rage before storming out. Coverdale laments that he shouldn’t have let her go on her own, that he can’t live without her. As the two dance around each other in the flat, the hallway and later on a car, scenes of the band playing on a misty stage intercut with the action of the couple. The big hair, the blazing looks and Kiaten’s perfect long legs hook the viewer in as the track washes over. One thing to point out is, the band that appears in the video is a completely new line-up, picked by Coverdale after he just fired his original band mates, including co-writer Sykes. However it’s the OG band mates vocals and instrumentals that can still be heard on the track.

The song was a hit and helped the album reach number 2 on Billboard’s Top 200. We hope you enjoy this beauty. Oh, and happy birthday Mr Coverdale!