This weekend we are gonna suggest something slightly different. Breaking our own recipe for old school classic movies. We are suggesting everyone watches the Amazon original series “Red Oaks” a coming of age series that's set in the 1080s around a country club in New Jersey. The show follows the Main character David played by Craig Roberts (Submarine) and a few subplots including is family, friends and coworkers. The show features an all-star cast including Jennifer Grey (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing) and Paul Reiser (Aliens, whiplash and Mad About You).

"You've got your whole life to make good decisions” - "Herb"


What we really love about this series is the authenticity of the setting. The hair, the music, everything seems to come to life and transport the viewer to that time. What's also great is that it seems to mimic all of the nostalgia of coming of age films that we grew up with but is still original and funny. Each character shows some kinda depth no matter how ridiculous they might seem they somehow pull it off. I guess you’ll only know what I mean when you watch it!

The main character David has a passion for film but it seems that everyone else has a different idea of what he should be. We watch as he learns to follow his passion for film while trying to maintain all of the relationships in his life. Red Oaks seems to resonate in some way, by the end of the episodes you'll start to see David as someone you know and be rooting for him every step of the way, through all the ups and downs.

There is currently three seasons to watch on amazon prime. All three are brilliant, re-watchable and hilarious.