What a week. Boris became PM and the heatwave almost crushed us. So, to lift our spirits, we thought a fun flick for the weekend would only be too appropriate. Get the corn poppin’ and settle down for the super fun, Richie Rich.

"An adventure so big... even the world's wealthiest pre-teenager can't afford to miss it!” - Warner Bros


Imagine being so, so rich, you have your own McDonald’s! Sure, maybe this was a dream back in the ‘90s and one might wish for a healthier option now… but seriously! Although, even having a personal Macca’s can’t compensate for the lack of companionship. Richie Rich (Macaulay Culkin) is the richest kid in the world, but has no real friends. At the opening of one of his family’s new factories, Richie sees some kids playing baseball across the road and wishes to join in. Sadly, he is rejected, but little does he know his manservant/guardian, Cadbury (Jonathan Hyde), has his back and hooks him up with a surprise that delights Rich. Things very quickly go south however when Richie discovers one of his father’s employees, Lawrence Van Dough (John Larroquette) is plotting to kill the Richie family and take control of the business. With the help of his new pals, Richie devises a plan to stop the evil. Super fun, this film never fails in giving you the good feels!

Richie Rich can be rented on YouTube and iTunes for £3.49. (**Prices correct at time of post!)