This week we take a trip back to 2003 for "The Station Agent", a film that seems to have flown under the radar but is worth a shout out. This underrated classic is a total feel good movie. Directed by Tom Mccarthys, The Station Agent follows Fin, a man who inherits a train depot in the middle of nowhere.

Sundance Film Festival winner - best screenplay and best drama.


Fin (Peter Dinklage) is an expert train hobbyist who works in a model shop. His boss dies suddenly from a heart attack and leaves him a real train depot in his will. Fin moves into the train depot and finds himself reluctantly engaging with a few locals. Fin is hugely introverted who can't help but draw people in and because of his size, he is wary of other people.

Fin meets Joe (Bobby Cannavale) , a hot dog kiosk owner who is desperate to find a friend. Although Fin tries to push Joe away he is still persistent to be friends. Fin also meets a local artist called Olivia (Patricia Clarkson) who, Like Joe, won't take no for an answer and wants to be friends with Fin. All three characters have been through some things in life and although disconnected it draws them together.

The script for this film is so complex on second glance. A repetitive thread through the film is the idea of walking the train tracks which seems to be a metaphor for following life's path and poses questions of pre-determinism. Fin seems to walk on the straight path but his interactions with other characters seem to derail him and challenge him as a character.

Well, that's it, the Station Agent. Full of interesting dialogue, trains and dry humor. Available to rent on amazon for £2.49. *Price correct at time of posting.