If you’ve read some of our past blog posts about music you’ll know that we are very eclectic! We love music from every decade since the 70s I think. We like nothing more than to put on a playlist and scoot around the shop or wiggle at the studio. But sometimes, just sometimes we want to listen to something that really relaxes us and helps us, think, sleep (not while we are at work) or just ground us in the moment. Hammock are a post-rock/shoe-gaze/neo-classical group from Nashville with 9 full-length albums under there belt. I know its a little strange coming from us but we think its worth sharing!

There new track is called “Universalis” is a classic Hammock track. It features long legato layering, creating a droning sound but still manages to be complex in its instrumentation. What I personally love about this track is its ability to fit your mood, it can be melancholic and reflective but can also be hopeful and ethereal. It's kinda open to interpretation I guess. I could go on about the different levels in which this style of music can interact with people. But I think it makes more sense to just suggest you check it out, especially if you're currently at work and need to get something done or if you're on the commute home and just need to zone out. Enjoy!