Helene Dancer captures the positivity and expression of Hoedy Saad, the man who single-handedly launched the voguing scene, in Beirut. 

It was only 5 years ago when Pew Research Centre found that, 82% of people in Lebanon agreed that homosexuality shoud not be accepted in society. Hoedy, who is based in Lebanon, has formed a voguing uprising in the hope for change. For those who don't know, Voguing is a stylised dance movement, characterised by model-like poses with rigid body movements. Born in the late-80's, this particular dance epidemic is practiced within LGBT communities across the globe. Helene, who directed and produced this captivating story, hopes that by sharing stories like this, we can help encourage empathy and acceptance of the LGBT community in the Middle East.

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Director and Producer: Helene Dancer

D/P Editor: Luke de la Nougerede

Assistant producer: Michael McCormack.