Guys Wearing Ader Error Puma Trainers

For anyone who hasn't yet heard of the fashion label, Ader Error, prepare to fall in love! Founded in 2014, Ader Error is a bright, fun and quirky brand born straight out of Seoul, South Korea. Their quirky, gender fluid designs and creative direction continue to spread globally and are seamlessly becoming one of the most talked-about brands coming out of Korea's capital city. The Ader Error design team have now collaborated with the Puma archives to revive an old classic. Bringing the Puma Futro sneaker to the forefront of the collaboration, the Ader Error design collective focuses on nostalgia in their own work and has definitely brought an element of this with focusing on the timeless styles from Puma, the new RS-0, the RS-100 and classic Suede sneaker silhouettes. Known for developing humorous, fun loving visuals alongside each collective season, the Ader Error team are continuously focusing on the narrative and concept before anything else.

Creating a collection of unisex apparel items and sneakers, the team characterise the collection by collage detailing, bold text and logo play, bringing the range to life with a combination of modern and retro design elements. Heavy in the outerwear department you can find roll-necks, crewneck sweaters, classic Ader-style oversized jackets complete with Puma branding done the Ader Error way!

Check out @ader_error for more campaign imagery and videos of the collection!

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