We are very excited to welcome the return of an excellent program - A-ZX. Not sure what it’s about? How about a smidge of history and an intro?

The adidas Originals ZX series was created with the intention to provide committed runners with the most state-of-the-art product. When the rise of the running craze in the 1980’s kicked off, adidas Originals were there to answer the call with ZX - a series of shoes that were specifically catered to all types of runners and their abilities. Incorporating every possible technical aspect that assisted with support, stability and comfort, the ZX series were favoured by serious athletes, coaches and sports doctors the world over. adidas developers and designers maintained a devotion to the series, continually researching and testing to ensure runners were provided with the latest technology that improved their performance. As time went on, so did the rise in popularity of ZX with the Terrace community, streetwear addicts and so on. No longer just for runners, the line became a beacon for both advanced technology and limitless style.

To celebrate this series, adidas Originals has launched their celebrated A-ZX program once more. Inviting 26 influential names from across the world to place a unique spin on a sneaker within the ZX range, the program allows full reimagination of all the classics. It will become a program representing progress at every point, celebrating a fusion of references and ideas like never before. The first sneaker to launch is the ZX 1000 retro. Click here to shop!