The legend of Hollywood's late leading lady, Katherine Hepburn, lives on. One of the most notable theatre and on-screen actresses of the time, Katherine appeared in old Hollywood movies like Sylvia Scarlett, The Philadelphia Story and the women's classic, Little Women. A common misconception about Katherine Hepburn is that she has family relations with another Oscar-winning old Hollywood actress, Audrey Hepburn, however, they are not related at all! Another misconception is that Katherine was outspoken and rough, which is sort of true. Often misunderstood by the public, Katherine changed the way men in Hollywood looked at women. No longer bounded by their dresses, heels and glam, Katherine showed us how to do menswear and how to blur the lines in gender-based fashion norms. She showed strength and confidence in the female roles that she played and refused to be 'softened' through the direction Hollywood's most elite directors. It's quite hard to imagine this as being unusual now, but at a time where 'Hollywood Glamour' was a huge trend amongst other leading ladies in Hollywood, such as Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow, Katherine broke the mould and made a new Hollywood for women to progress into. In celebration of Katherine's dedication to women, pushing boundaries as well as bringing to life amazing female characters, we've put together the perfect combo for you to channel your inner Katherine!

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