With everyone doing their bit by staying indoors, we’ve put together a few of our home essential home items to get in the mood for creating a zen and relaxing environment - along with some cosy apparel pieces to match!

It’s all in the senses when you’re looking for calm and tranquillity in the home - here we start with the nostrils. Our My Happy Soap(s) candles are perfect for lifting the energy in the room, and one of our all-time favourites, Serendipity is the best place to start! Hand-poured in France with delicious notes from a master perfumer in Grasse, these delicious candles are 100% pure soy wax for an eco-friendly burn. Getting cold feet?...it’s still a little way to go before it’s slider season, but what’s a better fill-in than a pair of super cosy RoToTo socks? Our Double Face Sock in Yellow is the most lovely mix of cotton and wool to give your feet the best treatment.

Washing your hands a zillion times a-day can be super fun with our selection of My Happy Soap(s) soaps. Firstly, these bars are 100% natural using ingredients that are completely renewable, respective of animals and plant life, and responsibly sourced. The heart ingredient is ecological shea butter, known for its potent moisture ability, and the rest are incredible scent notes from Grasse, the world-renowned spot for perfume masters! Let’s get washing!

Lounge around in the Carhartt WIP Bib Overall for the ultimate home chill moment. Taking inspiration from utilitarian garments originally crafted for manual work, these overalls feature a loose straight-cut leg and is hardwearing and comfortable. Shop our selection of home comforts online now at pampamlondon.com!