As the summer heat is soon approaching, there's no better time to get in touch with some of the best skin saviours at pam pam. Montamonta formulates home and beauty essentials from their east London factory. Our selection is made up of some of their most amazing skin products, hand washes and balms, which feature the most delightful smells. Not to mention, they feel divine on the skin!
One of their best sellers is the Sage and Coffee Body Scrub, which can be used by massaging the grains into your skin. With the inclusion of coconut and sweet almond oils, natural salts, vitamin e and botanical extracts, this rich blend is used to rub dead skin cells from the surface to leave you with soft and even, supple skin!

Often with significant changes to the weather, the previosuly cold air can take a toll on your skin and it's natural hydration properties. If you're noticing dry skin patches on your skin from the winter days, then be sure to try out Montamontas midnight facial treatment before settling into bed. The super light, nourishing oil works to restore the skins surface with just a couple of drops every evening before bed. The ingredients include cumin seed and watermelon seed oils, negroni, prickly pear and ylang ylang, offering a deliciously scented skin saviour!

However, if you're looking to go the extra mile with your skin routine, then you can always try the Montamonta Facial Cleansing Mask. This beautifully scented clay mask is a serious winner at anti-aging and skin softening. Ingredients include Bentonite clay, which is known for its super absorbing capabilities and removing impurities from the skin.