To celebrate the launch of the brand new Anaheim Factory Pack from Vans, we teamed up with the very talented duo, Maria Maleh (aka Mariah Pizzeria) and Jus Moore, to direct a documentary style shoot following four brilliant London skaters on a day out. The result was a wonderfully raw edit of images taken on film, digital and polaroid.
These guys are brilliant and deserve a bit of introducing. We asked them a few simple questions to scratch the surface.
Q: How long have you been a team and what projects have you worked on?
We have been working as a creative team for about two years soon. We have been working on a few different type of projects for magazines, brands and creatives involving art direction, photography, styling and design. The most recent one we have done is a sunglasses campaign for WEEKDAY where we did the full casting of 60 people, a super exciting campaign which is out now! 
Q: Describe yourselves each in a sentence:
Maria: Always thinking about food.
Justin: Probably humming something from the THPS2 soundtrack.
Q: You're both crazy creative, what is your favourite creative discipline to use?
Our creative roles can shift from project to project without effecting how enjoyable that project is to work on i.e. casting, photography and design can be as enjoyable as taking the creative lead. Truth is that we are perhaps, slightly obsessive and usually prefer to do everything (lol). We are very open to exploring new areas of creative work, even if it is something completely unknown to us. We think the process of doing things matters, that is to say research and concept developing is just as important as the execution.
Q: Tell us the story of this Vans Anaheim shoot.
It was very clear for us to pick one girl to represent each shoe and to document a relatively normal day of skateboarding. So we took the train out of town with 4 of our friends; Celine, Alexia, Karla and Viviana for a sunny skate day out. We took the train out of London, hooked up with some friends and headed to the Ballroom – a DIY skate spot in the countryside, our favourite place to skate when we have time off. And that’s it. We spent the day in the Ballroom and it’s surroundings, building, sweeping, skating and eating snacks. The girls did whatever they wanted to do and we were there to cheer and document the day. It was a lovely day! 
In honour of the shoot, we currently have a window installation in place featuring selections from The Anaheim Pack and images from the shoot. These sneakers are super limited and if you're a fan of Vans, then the make of these is definitely something to check out. If you're not a fan, but always admired from a far, then this is the best range to get started on. Check out the full collection on our website here. Please follow these links to Maria's and Justin's social as they are well worth it!