Reebok, formally known as J W Foster & Sons, has created some of the worlds most highly-regarded athletic sneakers in history. From supplying the British Olympic team in 1924 to fitting aerobic obsessed heroes of the 80’s, the Reebok identity is a staple.

Reebok peaked in the 1980’s, known as the decade of body beautification. The popularity of health and fitness was booming, and so was the athletic wear market. All major sportswear brands were cashing in on the influx of athletic wear appeal and with a higher disposable income, many were able to spend more on the latest sneakers. Reebok saw this as an opportunity to blur the lines between sports attire and fashion clothing, which resulted in a fashion-fueled sub-category to athletic shops. During this time, the Workout Lo and Plus was introduced by Reebok. Designer, Edward Lussier created the H-shaped strap featured on the sneaker, which has become one of the most iconic features of the Reebok branding. From premium pastel suedes to classic bright white leathers, Reebok vintage classics continue as a household favorite.

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